About Us

The Moringa Co. is located in Delray Beach, Florida, specializing in producing the highest quality Moringa Oleifera produce and products.  We are organically certified by the USDA and all of our methods are purely organic.

"Real" Food

Our moringa is harvested in a youthful stage of growth, which we believe is the peak of nutritional value. The Moringa Co. uses a specialized custom soil mixture full of micronutrients to maximize the flavor and potency of the plant's healing properties. From a small seed, to the produce in your hands, we are passionate to help spread the true healing power of “The Miracle Tree”.

"Skin" Food

Moringa is amazing for the skin!  High in 'vitamin e' and rich in 'antioxidants'. Moringa Co. has created a synergistic moringa centered skin care line made of 100% natural botanicals and cold pressed moringa seed oil . 
Made in U.S.A