How Moringa leaves can Benefit Seniors 65+

How Moringa leaves  Can Benefit Seniors 

I have taken care of the elderly and often they eat little or eat with poor nutrition. Some of it is due to depression and living alone. 

Another factor is that they often have problems digesting food or eating because of dental problems. In nursing homes, many are forced into eating baby food because they can't chew at that point. The elderly will often complain they don't feel like eating or only want a small serving of a food.  Moringa is easy on the stomach and easy to digest. 

The use of Moringa powder in a drink can bolster up their nutrition. It has much more nutrition, organic pure nutrition in it than some of the drinks touted for the elderly.  You can add moringa to applesauce, yogurt, milk, or pudding.  In nursing homes they often put their medication ground up into applesauce.  Giving it as a green drink is another choice to have them drink it. You can add honey for sweetness.  

It is a well know fact that seniors in nursing homes and at home are undernourished and deficient in many vitamins and nutrients. So if you have a loved one who is getting on in years, give them Moringa powder as a beneficial drink to improve their nutrition and well being.

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